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"I will destroy anyone and anything that may impede our progress. Think of it as a sacrifice for the greater good."
—The Elf King to Gabilan in The Cloud Searchers

Elf King
Age 50+
Species Elf
Occupation Leader of Gulfen
Weapon of Choice Amulet
Goal Destroy all the stonekeepers and collect the stones
First Appearance The Stonekeeper's Curse

The Elf King is the mysterious, masked figure who threatens the kingdom of Alledia in order to destroy the remaining stonekeepers and obtain their amulets. He is the father of Trellis and Luger, as well as the brother of Virgil. Though physically deceased, the stone had possessed both his mind and body, allowing him to continue ruling the kingdom of Gulfen and advance plans of totalitarianism. Like the rulers before him, the King wears a mask as a royal heirloom that acts as a representation of the power of his predecessors. 

After Emily Hayes arrived in Alledia, the Elf King quickly took notice and had overtime dispatched a handful of subordinates to capture her and obtain the stone she had inherited from Silas. However, all of these individuals have been unsuccessful in doing so thus far.


Early LifeEdit

As a child, the King grew up in a small village, and was known to be particularly quiet and reserved. The boy held a stone of his own, and this would eventually lead to his corruption. Along with three other young stonekeepers, the boy lost control of his powers and the stone was able to possess his mind and body – eventually morphing him into a colossal beast that set the surface of Alledia aflame.

Other stonekeepers managed to keep the four at bay, and this resistance was eventually able to subdue them – except for the future king, who was severely altered by the transformation at this point.

The elders were able to separate him from his stone, and despite his requests to be executed, imprisoned him in an attempt to cure his evil curse. As time progressed, he spoke only of his desire for power, and warned of dark days to come. He also told them that they would regret having kept him alive, and that he would show them why.

Leon Redbeard's father, one of the guards assigned to watch over his prison cell, was there the night the stone returned to help the boy escape. An explosion followed and Leon's father, along with the rest of the guards, were killed.

As leader of Gulfen Edit

Dispatching Trellis and LugerEdit


The Elf King, disappointed in his son's failure, offers him the aid of experience through Luger.

When his son, Trellis, failed to deliver Emily Hayes, the Elf King sent royal guards to capture and send the prince back to the palace. Disappointed in his son's failure and disrespect, the king sent an elite commander named Luger to aid his son in pursuit of the young stonekeeper - ensuring the task is completed - giving him the option to kill Trellis lest he show any disobedience.

However, once Luger engaged in a brief combat with the Charnon House, he was quickly outmaneuvered and sent spiraling down a cliff atop Demon's Head Mountain, where he took refuge in a small cave and was later found by Trellis.

Adjusting plansEdit


The Elf King's negotiation with Gabilan.

After being wilfully disrupted by Trellis when ordering the two to return to base, the Elf King sent a skilled assassin named Gabilan to hunt down the traitors and take up the task of capturing Hayes. When Gabilan questioned the King's motives for wanting his own son dead, the latter informed him that he would destroy anyone that may impede his progress and that it would be a sacrifice for the greater good. Gabilan was then told that he would only receive half the payment until the task was complete, and despite his dismay at this news, continued on with the mission.

At some point following Gabilan's failure, the Elf King dispatched Max Griffin, who he had appointed prince after Trellis' departure. After successfully obtaining the Mother Stone in an alleged test for a spot on the Guardian Council, Max was allowed a piece of his find per agreement with the Elf King in order to unleash a mountain beast named Chronos from imprisonment in the Ice Prison of Korthan. The Elf King ordered the two to begin their assault at the city of Frontera, and to leave no survivors behind. After the successful destruction of the city, Max ambushed a fleet of resistance airships, but failed and eventually returned to Gulfen.

Following Max's returnEdit


The Elf King questions Max.

The Elf King sought to speak with Max, and Logi lead him down to the King's bathing quarters. Max apologized for his failure and asked for a second chance. Before putting on his mask, the Elf King told Max that he had heard his stone was guided by a voice and asked if this was true, to which the latter denied. The Elf King told Max that he would have the traitor who had given him such information executed, as he saw it as a terrible offense to his best officer. Complimenting him, the King went on to say that Max would one day reveal his curse to him, but assured him that it was not yet time. The King asked Max if he would promise to finish his work and destroy the other stonekeepers, and before heading out once more, Max promised to serve the elves.



The Elf King typically wears a long white robe, and as a symbolic expresson of his authority, a white mask carved with simple patterns. This mask also contains a small, but rather prominent dot at the forehead. He also appears to be significantly taller than other known elves.


The Elf King expresses great ruthlessness in his quest to obtain the stones, though he manages to remain calm and hidden from most of the public eye – including his own son. In fact, he seems to be particularly wary about Trellis, who he deems distrustful and rebellious. As a result, the relationship between the two is poor. 

The Elf King is seen only briefly several times, and his involvement in Alledia's affairs are mainly instilled through his troops, who do most of his bidding for him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While the Elf King has yet to demonstrate his true skills in battle, he uses his stone as a main form of defense, as well as communication. His subordinates, as well as the kingdom of Alledia, fear him in a sense that suggests great authority and power.

Featured Edit

The Stonekeeper's Curse

The Cloud Searchers

The Last Council

Prince of The Elves

Escape from Lucien


  • While the king is mentioned briefly in The Stonekeeper, he does not make an official debut until the second book.
  • He somewhat mirrors Firelord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Both are feared and powerful leaders of their country who seek to expand their rule through tyranny, and both view their sons as incompetent and traitorous. They also both serve as an antagonist in their respective stories.
  • The Elf King's mask has the same symbol as his amulet.

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