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"I may not be as clever as Max, or as skilled as Ronin, but don't ask me if I'm ready. Because no matter what happens, I'll have to be."
—Emily Hayes to Vigo Light in The Last Council

Emily Hayes
Age 12 (The Stonekeeper)

Currently around 14

Species Human
Occupation Stonekeeper

Resistance member

Weapon Amulet, staff
Goal Find a cure for her ailing mother

(The Stonekeeper)

To save Alledia and end the war

(After The Stonekeeper's Curse)

First Appearance The Stonekeeper

Emilyo Hayes is a stonekeeper and the predecessor of his great-grandfather, Silas Charnon, as well as a leading member of the Resistance and the remaining Guardian Council. She is the daughter of Karen and David, and the older sister of Navin.

Described as a "naturally bored leader", she has demonstrated himself to be a very skilled and adept fighter and stonekeeper, even if she has much to learn about the true nature of her stone. Her goal upon entering Alledia was to find a cure for the illness Karen had contracted from an arachnopod, but she remained in Alledia after her mother was cured in order to lend support in the fight against the Elf King and later the Voice.


On EarthEdit


Emily and Karen in tears after David's death.

When ehe was 10 years old, Emily and his family were driving to pick up Navin. Another car came into view and its headlights blinded them. Emily's father, David, attempted to maneuver around the other vehicle, but drove through the railings before she was able to regain control. The car haulted at the edge of a cliff. David gave up the attempt to escape, as his legs were lodged in the dashboard, and instead urged Karen, Emily's mother, to save herself in order to care for their daughter. The car eventually could no longer support itself and slipped off the cliff, while Emily and Karen both wept.


Emily discovering the amulet.

Two years later, Karen decided to escape the strenuous life in the city by moving into an old woodland house that the family had inherited from the kids' great-grandfather, Silas Charnon. While cleaning out their new residence, Emily discovered a mysterious necklace, which she had Navin tie around her neck. Emily told her brother not to tell their mother about the discovery.

Later that night, Karen was captured by a tentacle-like creature, an arachnopod, and the two kids went after it through a stange door in the basement. The kids descended down a staircase, as the matter behind them began to slowly shatter and disappear.

In AllediaEdit


Emily defending Navin from the bird.

Emily and Navin pursued the arachnopod through a strange cavern. They were able to locate their mother, but their attempt to free her was ultimately failed. The children continued to travel through the cavern, while the voice of Emily's stone told her where to go. They narrowly avoided an arachnopod by using mushrooms as parachutes to guide them down to safer ground. During this, a bird began to peck away at Navin's mushroom and Emily used her stone to kill it.

A mysterious figure[1] spotted them and the children ran in the opposite direction, only to be confronted by Prince Trellis. The figure stunned the young elf and urged the children to escape before he regained consciousness. They entered a boat, which propelled across the lake to the Charnon House.

The figure revealed himself as Miskit, a pink rabbit-like robot. Miskit went on to explain her reason for having been brought to Alledia. They introduced Emily to Silas, where she got to speak to him for the first and last time before he passed away after explaining the decision that Emily must make; discard the stone that she had found or gain its great power that can help save their mother, but with a great price. 

Miskit aided Emily by allowing she and Navin the use of the Albatross in order to pursue the arachnopod that had abducted their mother. They traveled through a tunnel, narrowly avoiding rakers which attempted to sieze the aircraft. Once they exited the tunnel, they immediately spotted a clan of arachnopods travelling uphill. Emily spotted her mother in one of them. The gang used a harpoon to help slow the fast-moving arachnopod, while Miskit used what he thought to be a tranquilizer to sedate the creature – realizing that he had accidentally brought vitamin supplements instead. Emily attempted to pull her mother out of the creature's pores, but to no avail. She promised that she would free Karen, and the Albatross descended elsewhere, later crashing in the woods below, not knowing of their arrival on one of the hills of Gondoa Mountain

Emily ran to a rocky slope and climbed it, witnessing Trellis destroy the arachnopod and freeing her mother with the power of his stone. Trellis held Karen captive in an attempt to urge Emily to kill his father, the Elf King. Emily yelled for him to release her mother, and used her stone to force him down,and unknowingly destroyed Sybrian in the process, the dark scout that controlled Trellis, telling him to keep away from her family, and the elf fled. While Emily was able to retrieve Karen, her mother was left unconcious after having been poisoned by the arachnopod.

Emily, Miskit, and Navin returned to the Charnon House. Miskit told the children that in order to find an elixir for their mother, they must travel to the port-town of Kanalis, located near Demon's Head Mountain. The house emerged from the ground as a mobilized mech and through this, they were able to exit the caverns and travel to Kanalis.


Emily watching over her mother.

While en route to Kanalis, Emily worried much about Karen. Emily sat at her mother's bedside when Theodore suddenly entered the room to deliver her breakfast. Morrie told Emily that he felt a strange presence in the house and left. The Voice appeared to Emily and told her that she should have killed the prince while she had the chance. Her stone warned her that a battle would follow soon and that the elves would stop at nothing to kill her.

Once Emily and crew arrived in Kanalis, they were able to find a hospital clinic. The doctor told them that he could not do anything, but that the only cure would be the fruit of the Gadoba Trees, which are located in the Demon's Head Mountain. Emily met Leon Redbeard, a swordfighting fox, here, where he introduced himself and offered to aid the stonekeeper. While Miskit was hesitant, Emily accepted his offer when Luger, another elf stonekeeper, located them and detonated the hospital with cannon fire. Leon helped to lead everyone underground to escape through the subways. Leon told Emily to come with him, much to Navin's outrage at the thought of having to be separated. Emily reassured him that everything would be fine, while Miskit insisted that he accompany them as Emily's guide.

Emily, Miskit, and Leon traveled through city streets and through the roofs, where they were immediately spotted by elf soldiers. The elves informed Luger of this sighting, and they were instructed to pursue them. Leon clashed in a swordfight with one elf, and Emily was able to obliterate two elves with her stone. The other elves witnessing Emily's power, refused to fight her and ran away. The three made their way to Demon's Head Mountain shortly afterward.

After awhile, they found the Gadoba Trees, sentient beings, that told them of the Gadoba fruit's power and the unfortunate outcome that would result from having picked the wrong one. Emily picked the right fruit and tested its safety by eating a small portion of it. Miskit was shocked, but Emily informed them that the fruit only tasted bad and that she was not affected. While travelling away from the Gadobas, Emily noticed that a fire had erupted behind them. Leon deduced that Luger was able to find the Gadobas by following their trail.

While on Demon's Head Mountain, the three were confronted by Luger and his crawler hound. Emily managed to destroy the large beast with her stone, and Luger immediately dueled them, defeating Miskit and Leon with relative ease. When approaching Emily, Trellis intercepted and attacked Luger. Luger then allowed his stone to take control of his being, and he transformed into a colossal giant and managed to deal a devastating blow to Trellis and then Emily, Miskit and Leon. As the three were sent falling, Navin caught them just in time with the Charnon House.


Emily struggling to regain control.

However, Emily was left collapsed as a result of the stone's growing power. When she regained control, Emily used her powers to help keep the house together while battling Luger. They managed to deal several blows to the elf, before finally sending him spiraling down a cliff and out of sight. After Emily gave her mother the antedote, Karen finally regained conciousness. Emily's family ultimately chose to remain with Emily in Alledia, despite the dangers they were now faced with.[2]


Emily defending Trellis and Luger.

Emily and company later pursued the lost city of Cielis, in hopes that they could find help from the most powerful stonekeepers. In order to do so, however, the group was forced to leave the Charnon House behind, as it would make them too easy to track.

In a nearby town called Nautilis, Emily, Navin, Leon and Miskit initiated a search for a captain and crew. They started at a bar, but found no luck until encountering Rico and Enzo, who were also interested in finding the city, though doubtful at first. But after watching in amazement as Emily swiftly saved Trellis and Luger for being tortured for treason, they agreed. Just barely escaping Elf army slaughter, Emily and company left, and took Luger, Trellis, Enzo and Rico with them. 

While on Rico's airship, Leon began to teach Emily how to defend using her stone. She mastered it, but only seconds before they were attacked by wyverns, loosing Cogsley and Miskit in the process.

The crew later stopped to get gas at Selina's Station, stayed for the night, and took off. Eventually, the crew found an odd temple floating amidst the clouds. As Emily and Leon explored the temple, Navin and Karen were attacked by the assassin, Gabilan, who had infiltrated the ship during their pitstop. When Gabilan entered the temple holding Karen hostage, Emily and Trellis, combining efforts, saved her and defeated the elf. They were all then greeted by Max Griffin, who agreed to take them all to Cielis himself.[3]


After the accident that killed her father, Emily has became a serious and determined girl. She does what she can to keep her family from falling apart, even going to extreme lengths to help her loved ones, such as accepting the stones power in order to save her mother.

Emilyo is brave and a bit cowardly. She hates [[Prince Trellis]] and loves Navina.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Emily infusing the energy of her stone with her staff to block an oncoming attack.

As a stonekeeper, Emily utilizes her amulet as a main form of self-defense. She is constantly trained by the likes of Leon Redbeard and Vigo Light, both of whom teach her the responsibility and importance of wielding such power. Emily is skilled in many offense and defense methods, and often wields a wooden staff to aid in battle and infuses the energy of her stone for improved damage. Her amulet responds to her thoughts, granting her numerous abilities, including energy attacks (ranging from singular blasts to powerful shock waves), telekinesis (lifting, sometimes throwing, objects), and even levitating herself considerable distances.

As with most stonekeepers, however, Emily does not always have complete jurisdiction over her actions, due to the stone's Voice having a will of its own and occasionally overpowering Emily, such as during the battle against Luger at Demon's Head Mountain. Fortunately, Emily managed to overcome the urge to let the entity possess her completely. For this, the Voice can act as a necessary guide on Emily's journey, but just as equally a malevolent and pervasive threat to her being.


Family Edit

Karen Hayes Edit

As Emily's mother, the two share a very close bond. Emily desperately pursued Karen when she was captured by an arachnopod and – after her mother was poisoned by the creature – she attempted to find an antidote despite the odds she faced. After the death of David, the mother and daughter, including Navin, maintained a very close relationship as a family and Karen ultimately chose to stay with Emily when she refused to go back to their home world.[4] While overnight at Selina's Station, Emily awoke from a nightmare induced by her stone, which eventually led her to have a genuinely heartfelt and meaningful discussion with her mother. Karen assured Emily that being a single mother after David's death carried a similar pressure to Emily's own, and that what Emily needed was the confidence to trust herself in her ability to succeed.

Navin Hayes Edit

While initially seeing Navin as quite a bit of an immature younger brother, as she was reluctant to allow him to pilot the Luna Moth,[5] she seemed to develop a deeper respect for him after witnessing his technological and leadership skills. Due to the responsibilities imposed on them after entering Alledia, both siblings developed not only in their overall maturity, but in their relationship and willingness to work together as well. During the various occasions Emily and Navin were separated while in Alledia, they worried about each other's safety often and even embraced whenever reunited.

David Hayes Edit

Emily shared a very contented and loving relationship with her father. Even two years after the car accident which led to his death, the anguish seemed to still weigh rather heavily on Emily's mind, altering her outlook on life and causing her to become generally solemn and even reclusive. While unfortunate, David's death seemed to initiate an importance in a closeness between Emily and her mother and brother. Emily's determination in curing her mother after the latter was infected by an arachnopod was heavily driven by the fact that she was not prepared to lose yet another person she loved.

Allies Edit

Vigo Light - A wise stonekeeper and a respected mentor to Emily. Meeting Vigo has made a profound affect on Emily's journey and through him has she been able to learn more about the stone.

Miskit - Emily's guide. The two are on very familiar terms. Miskit views it as his purpose to help Emily. Emily was visibly distraught when he and Cogsley were abducted by the wyvern.

Leon Redbeard - An experienced hunter and warrior, as well as quite knowledgeable on the stone's power himself. Leon and Emily are often seen training together.

Trellis - Trellis first pursued Emily in order to seek the aid of her powerful stone to kill his father, the Elf King, and took Karen hostage in order to convince her to join him. Emily threatened to kill Trellis after finally confronting him, but decided to let him live with a warning. After saving Trellis and Luger from the elf guards however, their rivalry slowly changes into a friendship as they begin to trust one another. In Prince of the Elves, Emily traveled into Trellis's memories in order to save him, after which he did the same for her.[6]



  • Emily's appearance has changed slightly throughout the course of the series. In particular, her hair seems to have grown out a bit and her facial structure and height have matured considerably.
  • The name "Emily" can mean laborious, eager, and rival, all mirroring some of Emily Hayes' aspects.[7]



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