Leon Redbeard is Emily's first mentor and companion. An expert swordsman, he serves as a bodyguard to Emily until she reaches the Guardian Council he was tasked decades prior.

History Edit

The Stonekeeper's Curse Edit

In The Stonekeeper's Curse, Leon meets Emily Hayes after defeating an elf that was attempting to ambush her. Leon guides Emily to a cure for her mother. On the way, he tells her how he knows about the stone and trains her in using it.

Eventually Leon"s role dwindles as the series goes on, he begins having rare appearances starting with Prince Of The Elves in which he only appears in a few pages as well as Escape From Lucien in which he only appears in one page. Leon"s last appearance so far is when he shows up along with Karen and Misket to aid Navin and Alyson Hunter in the end of Firelight.


Leon is an anthropomorphic bipedal Red Fox with humanoid eyes, this is because a curse affected him in his early childhood..

His attire will usually consist of a turquoise vest with white sleeves accompanied with a red scarf around his neck. He also wears tan khakis with high top brown boots. He will have his personal great sword strapped to his back protected by a scabbard.



Leon slicing an opponent's sword using his own.

Leon is shown to be very skillful with his sword throughout the books and is an excellent fighter. He can also jump between walls and leap across rooftops with acrobatic skills .


Trivia Edit

  • Leon slightly resembles Fox McCloud from the Star Fox video game franchise.
  • Leon uses reading glasses.
  • There was a timeline inconsistency in the series. Leon's story dictates that the Elf King rose to power 30 years ago and is implied to start the war. However, Max's story states it started 50 years ago, thus making Leon's age a mystery.
  • When Emily first meets Leon he tells her that he is a bounty hunter, but his flexibility and fighting skills represents Japaneses warriors

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