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An chronological list of the number of characters who have either been killed and/or died on and offscreen in the graphic novel series Amulet.

Before the books/flashbacks Edit

  • Corrupted Stonekeepers, said to have been destroyed by Silas Charnon & other stonekeepers after they lose control of their powers.
  • Leon's father, presumably killed by the Elf King
  • Layra Janus, shot down by the Cielis guards while attempting to escape on an airship
  • Layra's parents, shot down by the Cielis guards while attempting to escape on an airship
  • Isabel Charnon, died of an unknown cause.
  • Cole Duncan, killed in battle during the war.
  • Father Charles, gets chopped down.
  • An unknown number students, turned to stone.
  • David Light, passed away shortly he awoke from a deep coma.
  • Miriam Light, died of an unknown illness when David was only ten.

Book One: The Stonekeeper Edit

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