The Mother Stone was a large piece of crystal that had tremendous energy. All the stones Stonekeepers have originated from the Mother StoneThe people of Alledia buried it deep inside Cielis. The original Guardian Council was created to govern the use of the Mother Stone. Small bits were cut and provided to early settlers of Alledia to develop the world. After a few centuries, the Mother Stone gave birth to hundreds of Stonekeepers. But, Unfortunately, more then a couple of Stonekeepers abused this power. They fought fierce battles to gain control of other nations. Stones and Stonekeepers perished. By the time Vigo Light joined the Guardian Council, only a shard of the Mother Stone remained. It was considered a last resort. Silas Charnon said that the Council had to use it immediately before it fell into the wrong hands. Or they had to destroy it. Silas criticized the Council for making every move based on its fears. And he believed that if the Council kept going down this path, they would see what their fears realized. Silas was then removed from the Council. Then the elves attacked and forced Cielis to be hid in the clouds.


The Mother stone was an incredible powerful gem that was buried by the first settlers of Alledia beneath their first city ,Cielis which later became the ancient capital of Windsor .Then small bits of the stone were cut off and provided to the settlers to help them develop the world.These were the first Stone keepers and as time wore on hundreds more were born till only a small shard of the Mother stone was left under the protection of the Guardian Council. silas charnon a member of the council tried to warn the council that they should not use the crystal as a insurance policy for it would lead to their doom

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