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"S.C. code is practically my first language!"
Robert in Escape From Lucien

Robert Joseph
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Colossus pilot
First Appearance Escape From Lucien

Robert Joseph is a graduate of the Colossus program and was chosen to operate a Colossus suit alongside Alyson Hunter and Trisha Spring. Trisha says that he was the one Celis trained to activate Lucien's communications beacon.

Personality Edit

Robert is quite a bit scornful and is prone to sarcastic retorts, poking fun at his comrades and generally failing to follow advice.

History Edit

Robert was chosen as a graduate of the Colossus program alongside two other students. After their Colossus suit crash landed on Lucien, Robert immediately began to stray further from the group, and was abducted by a dark scout. Before completely succumbing to possession, Robert urged his classmates to flee. However, they do not listen. He is not seen afterward.

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