Silas Charnon
Ch silas
Age Unknown (deceased)
Species Human
Occupation Stonekeeper (formerly)
Weapon of Choice Amulet
Goal Tp pass down his stone to Emily
First Appearance The Stonekeeper

Silas Charnon was the husband of Isabel Charnon, the grandfather of Karen Hayes and Emily and Navin Hayes' great-grandfather. He created Miskit, Cogsley, Morrie, and all of the other robots that live in the house. Just before Slias died, he left all of his thoughts and memories in Miskit's databanks to assist him in teaching Emily and leading her down the right path. He left the stone's power to Emily.


Silas Charnon is first shown in The Stonekeeper, where Emily has her first and last meeting with him. He soon after dies, and the stone's power is passed to Emily after her decision to become a stonekeeper.

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