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The Stonekeeper
Autumn Leaves
Author Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher Scholastic
Publication Date January 1, 2008
Number of Pages 192
Series Guide
The Stonekeeper's Curse

The Stonekeeper is the first book in the Amulet graphic novel series, which is written and illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi. The book was published on January 1, 2008 by Scholastic.

Overview Edit

Two years after the death of her father in a car accident, Emily Hayes, her brother Navin, and their mother Karen move into a lakeside house that was once owned by their great-grandfather Silas Charnon. On the very first day in their new house, Emily discovers a strange amulet, which she wears – unaware of its properties. That night, their mother is suddenly held hostage by a creature called an Arachnopod, which leads the children into an alternate version of Earth called Alledia. With the help of a robot crew, the siblings attempt to retrieve their mother. In the house that was an important to the whole book!

Summary Edit

David, Emily, and Karen are driving on the highway to pick up Navin one night. Karen is concerned that they will be late, but David the three are casually conversing among each other before another car comes into view and its headlights blind the family, and the vehicle crashes through the railings and pummels down a slope. The car halts at the edge of a cliff, allowing Emily and Karen to escape minimally harmed. Karen begs David to escape with them, but his legs are stuck in the dashboard. David urges them to call for help, but it is already too late and the car slips off and out of view.

Two years after the accident, Karen is left financially impaired as a single mother, and in order to escape the strenuous life in the city, she moves the remainder of the family to a house inherited from the kids' great-grandfather, Silas Charnon. Karen describes Silas as an eccentric puzzle-maker who suddenly disappeared when he locked himself in the house and thus, someone that should not be aspired after. Emily encounters Silas' old library, where she discovers a strange necklace, which she then wears, unaware of its properties.

In the night, the stone suddenly speaks to her and warns of an iminent danger. A sound erupts from the basement, and Karen goes to investigate its source – a strange tentacled creature called an arachnopod which then abducts her. The children pursue it and descend a staircase, which leads them to Alledia. There, they find the arachnopod, but are unable to retrieve their mother.

The stone's voice guides Emily in the right direction, while a cryptic young elf named Trellis watches them from a distance. A mysterious figure arrives in a boat and, realizing they've been seen, Emily and Navin attempt to escape, only to be confronted by Trellis. The figure paralyzes Trellis, but only momentarily, and he urges the kids to escape before he regains consciousness. They board the boat, which then propels across the lake to the Charnon House. The figure reveals himself as a pink, rabbit-like robot named Miskit, and then introduces her to Silas. Silas tells her of her inheritance of the stone before passing away, and the robots place Silas in a "sleep chamber" and manage to locate Karen with a computer. The children and Miskit enter a flying vehicle, the Albatross, to reach her. They pass through a tunnel whose walls are lined with tentacled Rakers and eventually spot several arachnopods traveling uphill, one of which holds Karen. They are unable to rescue her before their vehicle crash-lands in a wooded area.

Emily runs out of the vehicle, climbs up a rocky slope, and encounters Trellis, who is using his stone to destroy the arachnopod and free Karen, holding her captive in order to force Emily into helping him kill his father, the Elf King. With her own stone, Emily repels the enemy, but when her stone urges her to kill him, she refuses. Instead, Emily tells Trellis to never come near her family again. The elf leaves with this warning, and Emily, Navin, and Miskit transport Karen – who is now unsconcious – to the Charnon House.

The helper robots determine that their mother was poisoned by the arachnopod and needs an antidote, but the nearest city, Kanalis, is 300 miles away. To take Karen to the city as soon as possible, the helper robots transform the house into a mobilized mech. The giant robot walks through the water surrounding Silas' house and climbs out of the hole to the surface.

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