"I would pay any price to undo the mistakes of my ancestors."
—Trellis in Prince of the Elves

IMG 0002
Age Around 16 (in human years, Kazu stated elven lifespans are long)
Species Elf
Occupation Prince of Gulfen (formerly)

Resistance Member

Weapon of Choice Amulet, sword
Goal To defeat his father
First Appearance The Stonekeeper

Trellis is the son of the Elf King and younger brother of Luger, as well as a stonekeeper and intended successor to the throne of Gulfen. After failing to capture Emily and having his act of interception at Gondoa Mountain seen as treason, Trellis and his brother eventually abandoned the King altogether, eventually joining Emily and the Resistance after Emily defended them from the Elf King's soldiers.

Trellis believes his father has long been dead and is under the possession of his stone. His goal is to destroy the stone, and prevent any further harm to his nation, Gulfen, and the rest of Alledia. Trellis' skill as a stonekeeper lie in his ability to defend.

Trellis has very few memories from his childhood. Many significant events from his past are revealed to him when Trellis tries to enter the Void in book 5(?).


Early LifeEdit

During his childhood, Trellis lived with his brother Luger and his uncle Virgil in a small village. His father, Virgil's brother(?), became King of the elves when Trellis was young. Trellis spent time in a library in the middle of the lake where the elves stored books on every subject, from folk tales of the Erlking to the history of all Alledia. At some point in his life, Trellis' memories were stolen by Gabilan, following orders from the Elf King.

After Emily's arrival Edit

Upon Emily's arrival into Alledia her first face to face encounter with him occurs when Trellis appeared to lunge at the siblings only for them to be saved by a disguise Miskit stunning the elf long enough for them to escape in a boat momentarily out of Trellis's reach.

Then after surviving the crash landing of the Albatross and running after the arachnopod carrying her mother, Emily discovers Trellis already destroying the creature, preventing it from reaching the Elf King at which time Trellis reveals his true intentions to a shocked Emily Hayes.That being to convince he to join forces with him to defeat his father,The Elf King.However when holding her mother hostage doesn't seem to render the wanted results,Trellis then attempts to have her subdued by a dark scout named Sybrian. However Emily completely obliterates the creature, unknowingly freeing Trellis from its control in the process. As Emily prepares to attack, Trellis begs her to stop, which she does under the condition he never comes near her family again to which he consents.

The Elf King's initial "greeting" to Trellis upon his return to Valcor.

Following his failure to capture Emily and his destruction of the archanpod, Trellis is reluctantly delivered back to the Elf King where his act of interception is seen as treason, and due to his failure as well as to prevent any farther disobedience, the Elf King sends Luger to aid him in the mission. Trellis, clearly upset over this decision, voices out against this, questioning the King's trust in him. Ultimately however, Trellis can not change his father's mind and has no other choice then to comply and leave the throne room.

On one of the following nights, Trellis begins to recall memories of his father and his past which until that time has remained strangely absent. Sparred by this, Trellis sneaks up into his father's chambers at night to catch a glimpse of his face behind the mask hoping it would bring back some more of his lost memories.In doing so however a shocked Trellis finds his father's feature to be gaunt and grey, and his eyes glazed over due to the fact that instead of a being ,the Elf King has actually been a dead corpse that his stone had possessed to seem animated

Eventually, Trellis and Luger arrive in Kanalis, knowing that Emily and her companions would be stopping there in order to find a cure for her mother.After bragging to Trellis about being the Elf King's more trusted advisor Luger presists in sending out destructive orders, which Trellis questioned the necessity of such as destroying a hospital while inhabited by patients, but otherwise could do ultimately do nothing to stop it.


Trellis retaliates against Luger at Demon's Head Mountain.

Then while tracking Emily,Miskit and Leon through a forest path to Demon's Head Mountain ,Luger sensed hesitance in Trellis and quickly ordered the posse to halt. Then at which time he throws a confused Trellis to the ground and violently assaults him with a staff to prevent Trellis from continuing with him before instructing the covey to continue on .However Trellis later recuperates and attacks Luger near the mountain's peak, offering his aid to Emily and her companions as what he felt was right.However Luger used his stone to transform into a colossal beast causing Trellis to be sent flying off the cliff side though he survived.

Following Luger's battle and defeat by the Charnon House, Trellis then locates him taking refuge in a cave, repeatedly hitting his stone with a rock which is how he claims to have destroyed his own stone despite it being Emily who's responsable ,which Trellis points out, and is the only one he has seen besides the Elf King to ever destroy a stone. After which he refuses his father's orders given via elf communication device causing him to be marked as a fugitive and offers his hospatality and companionship to Luger.


Emily intercepts in Trellis' and Luger's capture.

Trellis is again seen with Luger after the two were discovered in the back-alley of The Drinking Hole in Nautilus by elf soldiers given orders to either return or kill Trellis who's questioned beforehand and responds that the King is not his father and is dead while assaulting the guad to which Trellis was then attacked by another guard and overwhelmed. Emily however intercepted despite Miskit's hesitance, attacking and successfully defeating them. Presiding which both Trellis and Luger were allowed by Emily to escape with them.However as they were to escape lock-on missiles were deployed at the Luna Moth by an E-mek but Trellis used his stone to drive them off course and prevent any damage to the ship.

While Luger welcomed their hospitality however, Trellis remained rude regarding Emily's assistence as an interence in personal matter and when questioned on the actions that caused him to be marked a fugitive at lunch by Enzo, Trellis simply replied that the Elf King was not who they thought he was, and left the table without finishing his food.

When wyverns later attacked the airship, Trellis tried to assist Cogsley in repairing the damage however Emily insisted on doing instead stating that she would not leave her friends in a stranger's hands.To which Trellis consented to though argued her to call for his assistence should she needed it, before positioning himself on the bow. And when Emily leaped off the Luna Moth in an attempt to save Miskit and Cogsley from a wyvern who had taken hold of them, Trellis used his stone to save her from certain death.


Trellis speaks with Emily at Selina's Station.

When the crew made a pit-stop at Selina's Station to refuel, Trellis approached Emily questioned her on her refusal to let him help to which Emily replied that she didn't trust him around her family.This sparres Trellis to explain how he had discovered that the Elf King was dead as well as how he'd interferred with the arachapod ,and his desires to destroy the stone that had taken control of his father and save the nation of elves from further harm. To do which ,Trellis explained, his stone had told him he needed Emily's help and that it had to be her.

Once they reached the beacon to Cielis, after completing the puzzle that activated the beacon, they were then attacked by Gabilan, an assassin hired by the Elf King to finish them off, who revealed that he was responsible for why neither Trellis or Luger could remember much of their past, and that the two were actually brothers. Despite this revelation, Trellis continued aiding Emily in battle, and both came up with a strategy to save Karen from Gabilan's grasp and defeated the assassin.

In the fourth book, both Trellis and Luger are placed in Yarboro Prison and wait to face trial for "war crimes", even having a special collar on the prince to keep him from escaping via stonepower. Later,though the two elves are freed by Leon and Aly, a girl from the flying city, after discovering that the Council is not all what it seems. Trellis begins to show something near friendship toward Leon. However, this is proved false in the fifth book, where Leon appears once, and Trellis acts considerably rude to him. Vigo then acts rude to Trellis later on,however, possibly contributing to Trellis later enterance into the void.

In the fifth book, while training with Emily, Trellis sees a young elf following him, which is later revealed to be a younger version of himself. Then moments later Trellis learns about the void from Vigo which he sees as a possiblity to fix the mistakes of his ancestors, and his past.And despite both Vigo and Luger encourage him otherwise, he enters the void. Then the airship falls under attack from Max and Chronos, sending an unconscious Emily, Vigo and Trellis off the edge of the ship in which Trellis' right arm is hurt.Unconciously, in the void Trellis awakens in bed, his Uncle Virgil, having bandaged his arm and chest. He then sees the same image of himself when he was younger as he did in training as well as Luger. Trellis then offers to help his Uncle sort some books to repay him. Here his uncle explains he found a pattern, that every 500 years the elves enter a time of war and that Trellis' father was born 500 years after the last civil war began. When questioned why Uncle Virgil would disclose this information to a complete stranger,Uncle Virgil reveals that he knows who Trellis is due to having raised him.At which point they are interrupted by the announcement of the Voice's presence to which Uncle Virgil urgues Trellis to return to the future with the information he gained.To which Trellis complies reaching the river bank he arrived at.However the Voice catches up with him but fortunately Emily arrives in time to saves him and tells him he needs to save them and she wakes him from the Void. Trellis awakens, falling, he concentrates his energy and saves himself, Emily and Vigo by using His amulet. Vigo awakens once they are safe to he tell Trellis he needs to go back into the Void to save Emily from the Void. He enters and finds Emily (technically she finds him) and they quietly watch Max's memory to which they have entered where they learn how the voice took over control of Max after making a deal when Max was near death and had experienced the loss of his friend Layra due to a ship explosion. The Voice convinced Max to give complete control to him by telling Max that he had to get vengeance for what the guardian council did to Layra. Then upon Voice realizing they're there Trellis then wakes them both from the Void. After which Trellis realizes the Voice has been the one controlling his father and using the nation of the elves to start the war.And Navin flies down and takes them all back to the Luna Moth.

In the sixth book, Trellis seems to be actually enjoying himself. He plays Othello with his brother and compliments Navin on his piloting. Then Logi, sent in a pod, comes with a message: if Emily, Vigo and Trellis do not return with him to Max's ship, their whole fleet will be destroyed by Max's forces. On Max's ship Max, attempts to convince them to help take down the Voice, by holding Vigo hostage to which they are forced to agreed. They enter the Void, and find the Voice, which resorts Max to the state he would be in if the voice hadn't saved him. As Max starts growing older, into a skeleton, he tells Trellis to find Algos Island and to forgive his people for they didn't know he was the king. Then Max dies and they transport out of the void back to the ship which is in the process of falling apart.Trellis therefore insists to stay and save his people.Aware that pulling off his plan to shelid the ship from impact would require using enough energy to kill himself Emily and Vigo stay to help Trellis save his people. Then Trellis, Emily and Vigo return to the Luna Moth sucessful.

Trellis is seen again in Firelight trying to retrieve his memories in order to find information that could defeat the Elf King. The Lunamoth finds a refueling station on their search for Algos Island, which turns out to be the latter. At the deserted station, memories like projections show Trellis, Emily and Vigo that the station was attacked by stonekeepers. After deafeating Gabilan who had followed them, Trellis and Emily allow him to lead them (by submarine) to where the Gabilan has hidden the stolen memories. Through the Nexxus, Trellis travels with Emily into his memories. There, he tries to stop Emily from succumbing to the Voice's influence though his attempt is in vain. Before her transformation into a Pheonix, she orders Trellis to find her family and bring her back. Narrowly escaping Emily's attempt to kill him on the Voice's command, Trellis escapes the Nexxus before it is destroyed, but blames himself and mourns over the loss of Emily.

Scan 20160223 (4)

How Trellis got his scar.



Trellis, like other elves in Alledia, has a very pale complexion, slit eyes, and sharp teeth. Unlike some elves seen in the story, he has white hair that reaches his shoulders. He also wears a black suit of armor with his stone attached, but during and after the sixth book, Escape From Lucien, he begins to wear a style similar to Emily's: a tunic with a vest on top. His face seems to have changed in the period between the first two books, as if he grew over a period of several years, but this can be attributed to changes in Kibuishi's style. Changes in Trellis's appearance can also be noticed in books four to seven. He also has a long, stitched-up scar over his left eye. Over the period of the books, Trellis's teeth have dulled out to look more human and only his canines have kept their point.

Personality Edit

While particularly cryptic and serious, as well as having a rather defiant nature, Trellis also has a softer side, which has begun to present itself more as he has become more accustomed to his allies in the Resistance. Trellis has even become closer to his brother, Luger, and two are seen playing games of Othello, exchanging remarks the entire time. He even confronted Navin after the young commander wasn't chosen to undertake an important mission, complimenting his piloting and machinery skills and going on to say that Navin could do much better than the other "fools" in his class.

Even before his eventual joining of the Resistance, Trellis voiced against the necessity of harming patients in a hospital when he and Luger were attempting to capture Emily in Kanalis. And after everything Luger had done, Trellis still offered his hospitality when Luger was defeated by the likes of the Charnon House. This care for others extends even to his own country, as Trellis' main motivation is to prevent any more harm to the elves and the likes of rest of the inhabitants of Alledia.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While Emily is overall a more proficient stonekeeper, she openly admits that Trellis is a better defender when it comes to the stone's powers. While much less experienced than Luger, Trellis seems to be acceptably skilled in managing his stone. He is shown to have some skill with a sword.


Emily Hayes: Trellis and Emily have grown to be close friends. They have trained and fought together as well as rescued each other from the Void. While at first they were enemies, they now understand each other's lives and motivations.

Elf King: Trellis hated his father for a long time, a resentment originating from the violence and emotional distance the Elf King showed towards him.

Virgil: Was shown to be Trellis's closest relative, with Virgil being both knowledgeable and kind to the brothers.

Luger: Is Trellis's elder brother, and the favorite of the brothers' father. Luger and Trellis got along so well when they were young, but stopped getting along so well after leaving their parents. After Luger reformation, they have seem to grow closer even openly calling each other "brother." Trellis cares for Luger and Luger gives him advice as some form of a mentor. They have been seen in book six playing a game of Othello and exchanging witty comments as some sort of confirmation of their bond.



  • There are striking similarities between Trellis and Zuko from the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Similarly, both characters have poor relationships with their respective fathers and were eventually banished due to what was seen as rebellious behavior. Additionally, the two characters show great contempt for their nations' barbaric methods of war, and both also have scars on the left-hand side of their face caused by their fathers. Both were or are close to their uncles.
  • The word Trellis means a kind of structure of latticework.
  • There are numerous times where Kazu has forgotten Trellis's scar. Book four has the most panels with the elf prince missing his iconic scar.


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