That's right, folks! Some of you may have already seen the new cover if you keep up with Kazu's Twitter feed, but for those of you who haven't seen it, here it is in all its red glory. He also told us that the book will be released Spring 2016.

I would've preferred some characters other than Emily, Trellis and Vigo on the cover, but we do get to see The Voice behind them and that's pretty awesome since this marks his/her/its first appearance on a volume cover. Love the red glow. I notice all of the Amulet books have a general color scheme and I just know it'll look sexy once all of them are placed together. There's also a city in the background. Due to similarities in appearance, I assume this is Valcor (where Trellis is taken to see the Elf King at the beginning of The Stonekeeper's Curse) or at least somewhere in Gulfen. 

Moreover, there are two figures in the latter half of the image below the series title. They appear to be a little girl and an older male figure. I sure hope it's what I think I'm looking at. If anyone recalls from the Book 7 discussion thread, I stated wanting to see flashbacks involving the Hayes before they entered Alledia or have Emily get to have a heart-to-heart talk with her father, David, in The Void or something. This is a much-needed emotional aspect to the story that I doubt a good storyteller like Kazu would ignore. As for this "Firelight" in the title, it's anyone's guess as to what that means. If anyone recalls possible forshadowing to this "Firelight" in question though, do share. From the looks of it, this seems to be a location.

Thoughts on the new cover? Click here for further discussion on the new book.

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