After the cover of Escape From Lucien was revealed to us, not much news has made its way to fans. To break the silence, however, Kazu Kibuishi has recently upload a video introducing us to Amulet 6, sharing a few more details about the book and showcasing a handful of pages. According to Kazu, the book will focus quite a bit on Navin's character and give us a lot of the robot fighting action many fans have been waiting for, but will also see an "interesting conclusion" to Max Griffin's story. I assume the book will also wrap up many questions concerning The Voice. 

Kazu Kibuishi Introduces Amulet 601:00

Kazu Kibuishi Introduces Amulet 6


By the looks of it, Kazu's art has really improved and the colors are significantly more vibrant than in previous installments. We're also given this beautiful two-page spread that appears to be the city of Lucien. There are three figures standing amid the scene, one of which appears to be Alyson Hunter. The other two people are a little less discernible. Any ideas?

On a further note, I would expect Amazon to release a "Look inside" option for the book soon. If I recall correctly, the Amazon preview for Prince of the Elves was released about a month before the release date. Just keep an eye out for it.

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