Graphix (Scholastic's graphic novel subset) used Tumblrrecently to unveil a new page and Kazu's personal development process. If you currently own a Tumblr, don't forget to give them a follow for any more updates in the future. Anyway, thanks to this image, we know two things: 1) Kazu has introduced something new called S.C. code, and 2) there are two more kids accompanying Alyson and Navin. Not entirely sure what S.C. code is or if these two characters will serve a bigger purpose in the story, but Kazu nonetheless gives us very interesting information.

Tumblr n8kkc5uEot1smazmzo1 1280

Moving on, Kazu also shared a link to a review by an Associate Professor of Literacy at the University of North Florida and a reader of comic books named Dr. Katie Monninon the new book "Escape From Lucien".

According to Katie, who raves about the book, the new installment is very exciting and worth pre-ordering. She also reveals the names of two characters she liked, "Riva" and "General Pil", and I'm assuming the former is the "girl elf mayor" we've already heard about (if you read my last update).

Among new characters, we also have Balax, Father Charles, Robert Joseph, Trisha Spring, and Patrick. We'll also be seeing Layra again (makes sense since Kazu revealed that Max Griffin's story will be reaching some conclusion) and Trellis' pet Sybrian (who hasn't appeared since the first book). The Elf King is also apparently infuriated at the news of a traitor in his midst, who is yet unknown.

More details can be found at Katie's review.

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