Thanks once again to all who have helped contribute to the wiki!

In order to get things more lively around here, I've decided to create "Recommendation" blog posts. In these posts, I will be recommending books (mostly graphic novels), but also occasionally other media, to you – the contributor.

My first recommendation is Explorer 2: The Lost Islands.


This released back in December. It's a followup to the first Explorer, "The Mystery Boxes". If you're familiar with the Flight series, this is Kazu's newest comic anthology series. Granted, they're shorter in duration, but they're still plenty worth the read. Lots of colorful talent here. 

You might also recognize Jason Caffoe – colorist for the Amulet series – in his work "Carapace". Kazu Kibuishi also delivers in "The Fishermen".

(Check out my reviewover at Goodreads!)

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