Before we jump to any conclusions, none of you are in any kind of trouble. I need to get a very important point across and need all of you to heed this advice as it is extremely necessary -- especially for those who haven't read any of the Wiki Rules. (In fact, if you haven't read those, do so now.)

Anyone who's experienced the ins and outs that Wikia has to offer should know that any wiki with a sizable community is threatened by trolling and/or vandalism of its contents at least once. The Amulet Wiki has been subject to trolls and vandalism a few times in the past (and likely in the forseeable future, so as long as manchildren continue to exist), but thankfully, nothing X-rated has appeared on this wiki thus far. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean there won't be.

I was prompted to make this announcement after visiting another wiki and witnessing atrocoties that cannot be mentioned for fear of ruining innocence and spoiling appetites. Based on the general vibe of the community here, I can tell that a good portion of the people who frequent the Amulet Wiki are anywhere between 8 or 16 years of age. This could raise complications if one of those despicable trolls stumbles upon our peaceful haven here and decides to upload horrific content that may or may not get you thrown in jail if found in your possession. I am not kidding. People will do this because they have no life.

Ever hear the "Ask your parents for permission" line when a television commercial advertises a product's website? I always thought those to be kinda corny. It's a kiddy website for crying out loud! Why do I need my parents' permission to play games with the Honey Nut Cheerios bee? If you're like me and have thought that once or twice, know that they're likely obligated to do that for legal purposes and because no website is safe from really, really persistent people -- "hackers" to be more precise. Luckily, hackers are a rare find here -- if any at all -- and the option of blocking certain users is straightforward and impenetrable for the most part.

Now. With that said, if you witness any type of vandalism or bad behavior from another user, alert me immediately! I don't care if it's something relatively minor like someone deleting the content of a page and replacing it with "lol dis wiki is gay" or something overwhelmingly traumatizing like I mentioned earlier. Do not message these people and express your woes to them! They are trolls and they want your reaction! Message me and I will do my absolute best to remove this person off the face of Wikia in a quick and orderly fashion. 

Overdramatic? Maybe... but I am serious. This is a 100% real issue that needs to be addressed beforehand.

Thanks for reading and good day!

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