Wow just reread my last blog and I have to say i truely think that might have my dullest contribution yet. Staring at the small print for so long must have caused my brain to became temporarily unresponsive. Either that or caused me to be afflicted with boredom. However being one of the few people with both plenty of criticism and positivity I recover fairly quickly.So today the topic I'm going with is what makes a good book? And this list applies to any book of any genre. Deep characters. You could have written the most wonderful story in the history of humanity, but if the characters are flat as paper,I'm not going to buy into it. Reason being I can't relate to any of the characters. People have reasons and make mistakes. As long as you keep that in mind,it could be the most ridiculous story ever and probability being I'd still like it. Though that might speak more to my gullibility as a reader but moving on!😅 Consistency.In otherwords don't change the location from a desert to a rainforest without reasoning or set a limit on an ability only to have the character do that exact thing without explanation. Because trust me, I will notice and I will rag on it because I..AM...A Ranter! With the power to nitpick even the slightest detail and exploit it! I am the enemy of all subtle plot holes! And of course a critic which also has its merits no doubt. And finally this is more like a pet peeve DON'T force feed me every little detail and reaction in the plot! I have history class to do that! (Though mostly to take a nap in.)😴 Surprisingly enough I have a brain and though around three- fourth of it is deployed ranting and doing other completely necessary things,I have enough to put two and two together (It's twenty two to the infinity power isn't it?😎)and am able to came to conclusions. Like I have now reached the end of my blogging .Rantatbook signing out and may your stories not be monotonous!☺

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