Firstly as some could possibly tell by the title,this is starting with me making fun of my mistake with the numbering on my recent blogs which I meant to get to yesterday had I not somehow managed to delete the whole page without saving it(Yep my computer went back to hating me,how it manages this being an inanimate object I have no idea but just for me it finds a way!Let's just hope it doesn't happen this time.).So here's my apology for that mess up,no it wasn't some elaborate trick to see if anyone was paying attention to how many blogs I actually wrote(I clearly wasn't!)or have the numbers create some sort of sensical code,I actually made a mistake once in my life, amazingly(Though in my defense I might have wanted to forget one ever happened😑)!Either way I'm sorry to anyone I confused and to my first grade math teacher I poorly represented (Though not to my ELA teacher who called my work "too wordy.",I do not disappoint as I am still = or >wordy!😝)Now moving onto the main and random topic list(Sorry to the people who don't like lists)" Why I can't wait for book 8 to come out"(Probably would've been easy to name my blog that instead,oh well the lazy and the creativity via rant must prevail instead of the title!)

1.It's Amulet: This is pretty self explanatory. With good characters,beautiful scenes and lots of humour and action,you'd have to try pretty hard to mess it up!

2.Lots of story left:We have I believe it was three prophecies to tie up completely not to mention all the other loose ends and book seven left everything we thought was going to happen in virtual shambles with a giant question mark!

3.Conclusions: Going with that theme,the book series is set to end on the ninth book meaning that things should start beginning to get resolved!

Outside reasons:Besides just the story itself,there's definitely things I'll enjoy in a world that sadly is not Alledia.

  • Discussing it with other people: People have different opinions,it's what I like about Wikia that I get to see other peoples opinion and compare/contrast it to my own.
  • The people:I just joined semi-recently so truth be told I have never seen this Wikia when a new book in the series comes out however I'm guessing it would be pretty active.Which would be great because despite how awesome both Mayor Riva and I am,that's still just a total of two contributors so half the time  i'm on,I'm a lone contributor.Which if you've ever been the only one on a Wikia you know isn't a great feeling.Makes it seem like a complete ghost town and to tell the truth I'm already not a fan of ghosts(Sorry to any ghosts reading this to who I may have offended!😄)
  • Competition: I have to admit this is pretty rich of me considering if it wasn't for that insan-i mean wonderful lucky award twist and the fact that I started earlier,Mayor Riva would have absoultely kicked me to the curb pointwise (and most likely still will.Eventally😜😀!).However I'm the kind of person that likes competition in virtually all forms*and I really get my drive from it.If more books=more people to compete with bring on the books!
  • More editing=With more books,more characters,locations and such will probably be introduced which means more stuff to create and edit which I enjoy doing though as expressed on my message board I think we've fixed nearly everything that needs to be fixed so far,correct me if I'm wrong.(Though that's a good thing,better have everything done well and be finished then the other way around!)

Ranting(Big surprise!😀):On top of being a fan,I am admittedly an extreme critic,its just what I enjoy doing.And as things go you can't criticize all the points of a book twice!It just gets boring then.And as I've already depleted my source of Amulet books, bring on the next one!

So there's my thoughts,Rantatbook signing out,may your day be humorous and full of sarcasm!

  • Except ghosts,I've already said enough on that!😆

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