Firstly I hope no one wasted a search party on me since I'm back along with a renewal of sarcasm and energy at least for now until someone discovers something more difficult than life or even worse: infoboxes (which as most people know I place in special category in my heart known as the formerly worst idea ever thought up besides broccoli category!). The reason for my disappearance unfortunately does not include aliens or anything that remotely exciting but that I've just been completely swamped with things to do with school resuming at the end of this month as well as trying to finish/look at my ELA assignment that seems to have been designed for first graders two milliseconds straight without just completely losing my mind at the pure ridiculousness of it!Seriously it starting to make me hate reading and I'm a complete book worm! So either way I'm going to try getting back into my editing pattern or try to create a new one once the homework and assignments start rolling in.(Oh the horror !😧) So anyway by the power of lazy transition invested in me, somehow during one of my very rare periods of free time I ended up at the Wikia for an old just remembered favorite childhood TV of mine and having been on very few other Wikias one thing stood out to me as being different.That being the rules(Yes I'm the person who actually reads the rules or the manuel in its entirely as,as stated previously I'm a book worm and if its in writing I've got you covered and also as you probably know technology already hates me so I don't want to mess anything up more than is unavoidable!).Any way no fanart ,no watermarks allowed and according to the rules having a long username might get you immediate expulsion!I mean yesh!😨 No wonder their introducing quote was from a prison warden!And that was only a few of them! Luckily for me however Rantatbook3om wasn't considered too long a username and I had no problems,but still being a complete rule obsessed perfectionist for a few moments I was completely stressed out that I was somehow going to mess something up and get kicked off! However everything went fine and well that's it ,sorry if I was a bit off topic as I'm trying to get back in my blogging mode. Anyway Rantatbook signing off ,may your day be cheery and continually filled with humor.

P.S-Also anyone else ever encounter any strange or werid rules on other Wikias?If so love to hear about it in the comments!☺

P.S.S-BTW Amulets still the best out there!

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