Sorry for the lack of creativity in the title,but my brain is completely fried.Before i begin i have to give a shout-out to the user Mayor Riva who being completely awesome rewrote the whole Tristan Hunter page in its an entirely to complete perfection while i was off being a pessimist,so if anyone else is on here definitely check out her page and give her a heads up as i probably wouldn't have time to blog otherwise👏 👍😁(She definitely deserved three emojis for that and just for being so completely awesome)So how my brain got fried.One word:Infoboxes.The idea seems simple enough doesn't it?Just organize a bunch of information into a neat little chart.But no it is NOT.Not only do you have to put it in some difficult code but also there's TWO ways to do it.Like one wasn't difficult enough!And the new way we're supposed to write it...just looking at all the complex code just killed three-fourth of my brain.😵So i tried inserting this one piece of information around ten different ways using this one code fomule even copying and pasting the parts that didn't need to be filled in with information directly from the instruction and it still did not work.So then i decided out with the new back with the old and comparing the two the old one was a lot easier.Finished inserting the information in 5 minutes compared to the two and a half hours i spent toying with the new one.However when i checked it over those rare pages that did have infoboxes STILL didn't look the same and the one i made messed with the text so at that point i was just completely and utterly done with infoboxes!😖Rantatbook vs infoboxs ,infoboxes definitely won,it just completely slaughtered my brain cells.Maybe in a few centuries i'll try again but for the next billion years i'm leaving infoboxes ALONE!And i suggest anyone else thinking of trying it to do the same.Unless you're a Python speaking genius then PLEASE EXPLAIN!How do you make an infobox without going COMPLETELY insane?!😲Or better yet make up one that i can understand! 😦And if I'm offline for a couple of days no one panic,I DID NOT get kidnapped by aliens!I'm just recovering from infobox fever and will be back soon as long as I don't get kidnapped or transported to another universe right after.Hey it could happen!☺Well this is Rantatbook signing off and I hope to see you next rant or zombie Apocalypse (Though no one bring infoboxes,they are my one weakness!😅)

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