Ok so everyone knows how I said i was done with Infoboxes?While first i have to apologize for being misleading.Orignally I had the full intent never to look,see,hear,or attempt an infobox again or anything to do with it.However as I was scrolling through the most popular pages and checking the links as i usually do,one of the pages was the Vigo Light page which is a source only page and has a completed Infobox.Though of course i didn't know that and clicked on it as usually.When i saw it was in Source my first reaction was then to click out of it.Immedately.Before i came down with a possibly deadly allergic attack to infoboxes.However either my more logial or crazy side decided to continue either to torture me ,or to see what help i could be vs source and if i could actually learn something from it.Well it actually did.A LOT.Given with the example it seemed much easier than what the instructor page was throwing at me.Then i decided to attempt to applie that format to the Pierce's page. AND IT WORKED! My mind is still recovering from that major blowout!

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