The computer war has begun! I will type and finish this replie!

(Several hours/days later)

I declare this absolutely impossible! I'm done! Completely out of intelligence,caring,and if you can believe it humor! Curse you ,technology! You have done what I thought was impossible! You stole my sarcasm!


All I wanted to do was replie to a few questions! Was that so much to ask?

According to my computer yes,yes it was.

The questions in question were (good) ones from Unikan in response to my comment on his discussion board / latest theory:What is the Voice and who it serves(I would totally recommended checking it out ,here's the link for anyone having trouble finding it on this wiki : So of course when I saw it 26 days ago,my reaction was : Cool,I'll replie to that right away since he put the time in to write this awesome response!

Unfortunate my computer wasn't having that so it turned into a complete nightmare.

1st try: (Going over it) Looks nice,let me just press post...(work disappears and is replaced with quote)Wait,what just happened? I'm a hundred percent sure I didn't press quote and what happened to my replie?😦

2nd try: Ok,let me just change tabs to start checking the accuracy (switches back to Wikia)"Error has occurred please reload..."OK so  if i reload this I'll still have the replie I've been working on,RIGHT?"(apparently not😠)

3rd try:"Please don't malfunction, please don't malfunction." (Two milliseconds later)Just because I wrote a word twice doesn't mean i want every word to be typed over and over again,autocorrect!😬(At this pont I decided to try replying another day

(December 3,2016, 26 days later because life doesn't give me lemons or leisure time)

Me: You know,now that I finally have free time,I really should get back to him.

1st  (and last)try:(Please see my first try from last time except imagine it being a lot less calm)

Me after that / right now:😑 I give up! I'm not going through that again! Apolegizes to Unikran,if you're reading this, but that replie is cursed!

What a casual observer might say: Well, why don't you replie on your blog or message wall? After all those don't seem to be affected!

My response:Actual it is.What your reading is just the finishing product of me having to erase the autocorrect duplicates created by practically every single word I wrote and don't get me started on my attempts on the message wall ! Moral of this story? Do not declare war on your computer, it will always win! This is Rantatbook signing out and may your technology not malfunction and your day be none frustrating!☺😒