Day three(Still getting over the fact my device helid up that long!) and I'm completely addicted to Wikia editing.No, admittedly I haven't figured out even half of the settings but I'm sure I will by the next millennium (Honestly,what's up with those template codes in a different language?! 😕Isn't it hard enough trying to learn Spanish?!😦).Now,I know this may sound werid considering its a resource website ,but I can't help comparing it to a videogame.Complete a task,get an award and level up Bronze,Silver and Gold style.I mean we even have a leaderboard for whose contributed most during the week!Not to mention I get to talk with some awesome people who manage to put up with my jabbering(Not a small feat considering I am a ranter,AMAZINGLY, and have plenty of pessimistic fews to share!) and expending my knowledge of the characters!Bit annoyed though since along with the good people,there also has to be some not-so-great people and one of them,REAl joker decided to erase ALL the information under Tristan Hunter and replace it with this absolutely HILARIOUS (Being 100% sarcastic it was NOT FUNNY at all)COMPLETELY relevant and NOT at ALL offensive two fragments of a sentence all almost completely misspelled. So instead of using my free time to help edit other topics and work on my infoboxing I'll probably be spending tomorrow retyping up the work someone else did a wonderful job on beforehand.But everything considered I'm not really annoyed at that or at anything at all.I'm more of confused why someone else would waste their own time doing this.Anyone have any ideas?Sorry this blog took a bit of a frustrating and complainative tone for people who just clicked on this for the Wikia:Game or Writing topic and hopefully I'll regain my positive,happy and upbeat side by next blog whenever I decide when that will be.Bye and may the editing(and ranting) continue!😃

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